Social Distance Monitoring; AI for Medicine Specialization; covid-19 report

Vision Week Issue #3

Social Distance Monitoring

Prof. Andrew Ng's venture has developed a tool for monitoring social distancing. They have also shared the techniques on how they built it so that other people can build themselves a similar tool if needed (the actual source code is not open sourced though).

TensorFlow Dev Summit 2020

TensorFlow Dev Summit this year was a completely online event due to covid-19 concerns. All the talks are available on TensorFlow YouTube channel. In case you missed it, feel free to catch up.

AI for Medicine Specialization has launched a new specialization on Coursera “AI for Medicine” consisting of three courses taught by experts from Stanford. If you are interested in applying AI in the healthcare space it's definitely worth checking out.

Covid-19 - a realistic look

Jeremy and Rachel from has put together a realistic analysis on the current situation. As they point out, just trying to stay calm and not panic is not enough. Staying informed and preparing ourselves both mentally and physically is as important as staying sane in this difficult time.

GANs in Action

If you have been thinking to learn to work with GANs but didn’t really get hold of a good comprehensive resource then this book “GANs in Action - Deep learning with Generative Adversarial Networks” is for you. This manning publication is definitely one of the good resources out there on GAN covering from the basic idea to state of the art results.

TensorFlow without a PhD

If you are a fan of Martin Görner’s without a phd series, then you should definitely star this github repo. This repo contains the collection of resources for all the talks he has given in this “without a phd” series.

AlphaGO movie

DeepMind has released the full documentary “AlphaGO” on YouTube. Previously it was available on Netflix. Just to give some background, AlphaGO is the computer program that beat the 18 times World Champion Lee Sedol (Professional GO player from South Korea) in the board game “GO”.

GO is considered to be a complex game to solve for computer programs. AlphaGO beating a world champion is considered a major breakthrough in the history of AI. If you are looking for something inspiring to watch during this quarantine period, GO for it.

AI fun :)


How China tracks everyone

Sneak peak into how China does surveillance at scale.